STEPS TO LIVING & WORKING IN NEW ZEALAND Hi there! Here at Green Planet Immigration Services, one of our primary concerns is helping foreign residents navigate the complex maze of moving to New Zealand to live and work. Yet, as you probably know, it is not that easy! You’ll find many pitfalls and snafus along the way, but Green Planet immigration services can help you. THE SITUATION: There are many misconceptions people have about immigrating to NZ. Notably: 1. If you have a job at home, you’ll be employable here. 2. If you can just get residency, someone will hire you. 3. If there is a skill shortage in your line of work, New Zealand jobs will be lined up around the block. Unfortunately, many people who are completely capable and very much qualified to live and work in New Zealand do not receive the opportunity. This is a fact of life, no matter which country you apply to. There are hundreds of thousands who want in and only limited space. Furthermore, employers here are reticent to hire someone they have not met personally who may or may not even be able to secure a work permit. It’s a catch 22: You can’t get a job unless you’re living here. But you can’t move here unless you have a prospective employer willing to sponsor you. Green Planet Immigration Services of NZ can help! THE BASIC STEPS 1. Do your homework! See what skilled shortage programmes the government is offering. If you work in IT, Engineering or Nursing, there may be jobs in New Zealand for you. Also, research specific local companies that might be in-need of your unique skills that you can proposition directly when you arrive on New Zealand soil. Visit the Auckland Chamber of Commerce site which puts migrants in touch with migrant-friendly New Zealand jobs. 2. Speak with a licensed immigration consultant to see what entry options exist. Some people enter on a temporary Visa, while others might seek a permanent Visa or residency. An immigration consultant can help determine if you have enough points to be qualified a “Skilled Migrant” or if you may be eligible for a basic work permit. You’ll be guided through the entire process, including sending your Expression of Interest letter. 3. Once you receive an invitation to apply for residency, you can travel to New Zealand to seek work, apply for work and residence permits, and meet with various employers. Don’t expect much help from local recruiters. 4. If you are offered a job while you are here, you will need to stay in New Zealand and apply for a work permit while processing your residence papers or return back home for 6-8 weeks to give us time to prepare a work Visa for you and tie up loose ends with your former residence. DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS REGARDING IMMIGRATION TO NEW ZEALAND? CONTACT ONE OF OUR IMMIGRATION SPECIALISTS FOR A ASSESSMENT TODAY. IT HELPS TO HAVE A FRIEND DURING THIS STRESSFUL AND TIME-CONSUMING PROCESS. MOVING TO NEW ZEALAND DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A HEADACHE.

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