What can you as an immigrant expect?

No country can claim that it has always had a perfect relationship between its indigenous population and immigrants. In New Zealand the situation is extremely positive and the Maori culture, for example, is respected and flourishing, Waitangi Day epitomizes clearly this aspect of integration. From the top down the New Zealand Government encourages immigrants who have something to offer the country and in return flourish under its protection. Migration into any society is always going to be from a little bit tricky to downright difficult situation. The immigration authorities in every country have their own way of doing things and its best to just understand and accept, don’t try to buck the system, you will just end up losing. New Zealand as with other advanced social and economic countries looks to protect itself but could be considered more welcoming than the United States, United Kingdom or Australia. Keep in mind that currently New Zealand, like many countries has a quota for new immigrants it will accept per year. At the moment that number is between 45,000 to 50,000. The successful applicants will not only get the opportunity to start a new career in New Zealand, but also to take advantage of all the various benefits the country has to offer. In many ways a successful application can not only open up economic opportunities but also the chance to take advantage of a whole new life. If eligible, this year could be your chance to initiate, not just a new job in a new country, but a whole new lifestyle for the people that matter most to you. The application procedure is a demanding one, but armed with this guide and coupled with some effort on your part, you could be enjoying a barbecue on the beach the coming Christmas. New Zealand remains one of the western countries in the world in which it is easier to obtain a permanent resident’s visa. As mentioned, it’s a technology-rich place with a first-rate communications infrastructure that rivals the best in the world. It has a stable legal system based on English common law. It’s long been a leader in the move towards greater economic freedoms. New Zealand constantly ranks in the Top10 of the Index of Economic Freedom survey (which is an annual ranking of countries’ economic freedoms in the world). Its standard of living (a concept different from ‘quality of life’) is also one of the highest in the world.

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