Insurance and healthcare in New Zealand

The free public health service in New Zealand collapsed during the economic difficulties of the 1980s, this now means that there are more onuses on the individuals to organise their own health insurance requirements. Check with your employer if the company you work for offers employee health cover and what are the details of the plan and its gamut of coverage. If no healthcare plan is available from your employer you should consider finding a health insurance that works for you and your family. Dental services are free for all residents under 18 years old and charges for adults are low in the range of between NZD$80 to NZD$180. A visit to the doctor is free for children of 6 years or under and cost a reasonable NZD$50 for those over 6 years old. Hospital visits are free, though many people are looking to use private health insurance to avoid what can be lengthy waiting queues for certain treatments. The New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) covers treatment for persons involved in accidents, practically everyone in New Zealand is covered and it pays out on a no fault basis. It is important to understand that whether you slip on the street or get hit by a car or falling debris, this cover does not give you the right to sue another party who may have been at fault. ACC also covers permanent injury with certain maximum pay out levels.

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