The last factor that heavily contributes to the difficulty of immigration in New Zealand is economic. The economic factor is probably the most prominent of these 3 factors, and therefore deserves a bit of time. In every country, the economy is obviously very important to both the people and the government. Without a strong economy, a country will fail to succeed in almost every way. In order to preserve the strong economy that New Zealand has, Immigration New Zealand must base immigration on economic gain. This is why as of 2005, 60% of immigrants were being accepted that applied as a skilled/business category. If you do not have a substantial amount of money, you do not qualify as a skilled migrant, and your circumstance doesn’t qualify you for the three special categories, this is the only other way that you can successfully immigrate to New Zealand. You need to have a job offer from a permanent, registered company that will last for over 2 full years, and have an annual salary of over NZ $45,000. If at anytime during those two years, you either lose your job or make a salary that is less than NZ $45,000, you will more than likely lose your visa. While this category is beneficial if you do not qualify for the other options of immigration, it is not suggested. This is because of the temporal nature of the residency, especially because you could be asked to leave at anytime during the first two years.

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