Moving To New Zealand With Pets

Moving To New Zealand With Pets Moving is a big decision, but it can be a heart-wrenching one when beloved pets are involved. Unfortunately, taking pets to New Zealand is not as easy as shipping them on an airplane or via UPS package. There are certain pet transport rules you must follow

How Long Does It Take To Prepare For Pet Shipping?

On average, it takes a little over 6 MONTHS to prepare for international pet travel to New Zealand. You will need to be sure to do the following before moving to New Zealand with pets…
  • Have an International Standards Organization approved microchip implanted
  • Get your pet vaccinated and maintain a vaccination record card
  • Send a blood sample to an approved laboratory to prove there is no infectious illness
  • Receive a vaccination and blood test certificate from your vet
  • Treat your cat or dog with tick and tapeworm medication from your veterinatian
Which Countries Are Easiest Or Hardest For Shipping Pets? Each country is different when it comes to New Zealand pet immigration. Generally speaking, the most lax regulations are granted to places like the UK, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Hawaii and Singapore – where animals are not required to remain in quarantine after their arrival. All other animals have to come through the Auckland International Airport. They will need a list of paperwork (sometimes called a “pet passport”) that include full record of vaccinations, identity chip information, rabies test results and proof of age. What Vaccinations Are Needed? New Zealand pet vaccinations include: DOGS:
  • Adenovirus 2
  • Bordatella
  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Parainfluenza
  • Parvovirus
  • Rabies (Except UK and Australia)
  • Calicivirus
  • Panleukopnia
  • Rabies (Except UK and Australia)
  • Rhinotrachetis

How Much Will It Cost?

You can expect to pay several thousand dollars when moving pets to New Zealand, so you’d better really love them! Your overall cost will include the following expenses:
  • Vet – From the UK, you’ll pay about £100, but coming from the US, you’ll pay a good $500. This includes a wellness exam, necessary vaccinations, rabies testing and microchipping.
  • Permit – The import permit covers the cost of all pets coming to New Zealand and is at a fixed rate of $130NZ. You will only receive an import permit once you have an approval letter from the New Zealand quarantine facility.
  • Air Travel – The cost of pet shipping via airplane costs around £1,000 from the UK and $1,000 from the US. Shipping may range higher if you have a larger, heavier animal.
  • Quarantine – Most animals will need to stay in quarantine for 30 days. The animal’s stay costs around $1,200NZ per animal.
How Does The New Zealand Quarantine Work?
Your pet will be stationed at one of four New Zealand quarantine facilities:
  • Avondale, Auckland (cats only)
  • Aylesbury, west of Christchurch
  • Levin (North of Wellington)
  • Takanini, Auckland
International pet travel can be stressful, but your pets are well cared for in the quarantine and typically adjust rather well. Owners are allowed to visit as they please and bring treats or toys for their pets. These facilities are equipped to handle animals with special needs, so you need not worry.
Are Any Pets Not Allowed?
You should understand that ONLY CATS AND DOGS are allowed to move to New Zealand with you. Any other creature, be it a hamster or parrot, will need to find a new home before you leave. Also, the only pets New Zealand accepts are at least 9 months old before transport. If you have any questions or you would like us to handle this for you click here

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