Government Deception: This Is What We’re Up Against!

Government Deception: This Is What We’re Up Against! Hi there. As you can imagine, working in the business of helping good people with immigration to New Zealand, I come across all types of issues. I wish I could tell you that everyone who meets the immigration law criteria for residency can just slide right in and get visas. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I’m afraid there are unscrupulous government officials afoot. Here’s what I mean. The immigration year begins on July 1st. The New Zealand Government has been telling us that their immigration allotment is in the ballpark of 45,000 to 50,000 people. That sounds like good news for honest people looking to immigrate to NZ. So far, in the first ten months of the year, the Government has approved 30,687 residence visas. That means the Government has admitted 60 to 66 percent of their annual target rate. At this rate, they will be under their immigration target by 10,000 to 15,000 people. Does that mean there are just less people looking to immigrate to New Zealand than they estimated? I would say “No” because I see how many applications for visas fall across my desk. Besides, parents looking to join their kids in New Zealand are stuck with two-year processing time due to the annual caps. The number of New Zealanders who have foreign partners is ever-increasing. It’s the professional opinion of many immigration professionals in this country that the Skilled Migrant Category has been secretly scaled back. As of this month, 17,000 SMC visas have been approved, despite the quota of 27,000. By June 30th, they may have 20,000 visas approved, but that’s still a good 7,000 below the limit. The New Zealand Government doesn’t want to imply that migrant workers aren’t welcome here, but they are certainly dragging their heels on pushing the paperwork through for whatever reason. Perhaps they’re worried about the 7.1 percent unemployment rate in Auckland or the fact that an election year is coming up. The economy in New Zealand is forecasted to grow 4 percent throughout 2012, so what’s there to be concerned about? I’ll tell you what – skills shortages! We need more engineers and construction trade professionals. The Skilled Migrant Category pool is drying up. If you choose me to help you in moving to New Zealand, I can offer my expertise in fluctuations in pass marks, quotas and applicant pools. Finding your way into the country can be a real struggle. On the other hand, we can help you navigate the sometimes deceptive maze of immigration to New Zealand. Green Planet Immigration Service 0800 967 584

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